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Cross Drilled and Grooved Brake Discs
Terrafirma brake discs offer increased bite from cold and excellent fade resistance in most 4WD braking applications.Whether it’s a steep rocky descent, ploughing through mud and water or just daily driving these brake discs will give excellent stopping performance in all conditions. Grooves are machined into the brake disc to force away the dust and gasses that build up between the pad and disc, keeping the brakes cooler and reducing fade. The cross drillings contribute to cooling and heat dissipation and also allow the gasses to escape. Of course they fill with mud when off-road, clean them out afterwards when washing the vehicle to maintain performance and pad life, with the angled grooves it is found that they self clean in most cases. Quality machining to high tolerances using the correct materials ensure Terrafirma brake discs will stand any test. With overweight four-wheel drive vehicles with oversize tyres it’s important to find a set of brake pads that really do perform. A heavily laden expedition vehicle will quickly overheat brakes,very large tyres fitted to off-road vehicles also require extra brake pedal pressure to stop them turning. Many so-called performance pads are better suited to sports type driving styles where heat is required and can be maintained to enable the pads to really work. Even some well-known brands require the temperature to build up before they start to work effectively. To get the best from Terrafirma Cross Drilled and Grooved (CDG) brake discs we recommend the use of high quality brake pads such as Lockheed or TRW for best results. These pads give good bite from cold, work well off-road especially in low range with high torque engines and transmissions driving against the brakes. They have high wear resistance, low noise and above all when combined with Terrafirma CDG brake discs give a much improved braking performance. For Terrafirma brake discs part numbers it is possible to simply apply CDG suffix to the original part numbers.
Goodridge Stainless Steel Extended Brake Hoses
Goodridge hoses have a world-wide reputation for strength and reliability, demanded by professionals, they deliver superior performance in critical applications where quality is essential Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses give much sharper, firmer braking than standard rubber hoses, and reduce overall stopping distances. Original rubber hoses have a certain 'give' in them that is completely eliminated with Goodridge hoses where a much more positive brake pedal feel is experienced. The range we offer is 2 inches (50mm) longer to accommodate long travel suspension.
Stainless Steel Brake Hoses
Terrafirma Standard Stainless Steel Braided Hoses