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Defender KAM Differentials

Crown Wheel And Pinions
KAM offers a range of alternative ratio crown wheel and pinion gear sets specifically designed for Military, commercial and competition applications. The optimum final drive ratio can be selected to accommodate increased tyre diameter, up rated engine performance and vehicle application. The strength increases are measured by using the standard 3.54 ratio as a datum and calculating input torque produced by the engine power and output torque produced by the feedback into the differential from traction obtained. Up to 25% gearing reduction with up to 70% increase in strength is possible with KAM lower ratio crown wheels and pinions. 3.54:1 is the standard ratio on all Land Rover Defenders, Discoverys and Range Rover Classics. Lower ratios of 3.8 ,4.1 and 4.75 are available. The effect of these lower ratios can be seen on the chart.2.83 ratio is higher giving 28% increases in overall gearing. It has the effect of either reducing the engine revs and / or increasing overall road speed. This is generally suited to high-speed roadwork and vehicles that have had engines modifications. Land Rover fit the same differential assembly front and rear, as a result the front differential rotates in the opposite direction to the rear with the driving force being applied to the back of the gear teeth. KAM produce ring and pinion sets for the front differential assembly that are reverse cut which ensure the force is applied to the stronger/correct side of the gear teeth. NB: For clarification all 2002 on defenders have a short nose fitted to the rear and the long nose fitted to the front
Heavy Duty CV Joints And Axle Conversions
KAM CV joints are made from Aerospace grade material and have been independently tested proving they are more than twice as strong as the originals. The stub shafts which are unique to KAM are designed to withstand the strain associated with using tyres up to 35” diameter without breaking. For vehicles with larger than 35” tyres or very high engine horse power it is almost impossible to entirely prevent breakage at some stage. KAM provides the most effective solution by fusing the stub shaft which ensures that in the unlikely event of failure the stub shaft can be replaced in under 5 minutes thus protecting the drive train.
Limited Slip Differentials and 4 Pinion Carriers
KAM provides a unique traction solution by offering a fully adjustable and upgradeable differential assembly. You can have both a full manually operated differential locker and Limited Slip Differential in combination. The KAM LSD unit is a clutch type Limited Slip Differential. In simple terms, the more power you apply, the more lock up you get across the half shafts. There are 3 options of clutch plate configuration and the pre-load is fully adjustable. Its ability to be set up gives it a major advantage over other Limited Slip Differentials on the market and the KAM Limited Slip Differentials have been successfully tried and tested in top race vehicles with 450bhp/500 ft/lbs torque. The KAM clutch plate LSD unit provides smoother power delivery than the competitors units. This ensures less stress is applied to the half shafts. Specialist F1 material used in manufacturing ensures longevity of the clutch plates.
Heavy Duty Half Shafts and Drive Flanges
KAM HD Half Shafts are made from Aerospace grade material which is far more flexible allowing for a greater degree of twist. independent tests have proven they are 95% stronger than standard OE shafts. KAM HD half shafts have been used successfully for over 20 years on recreational off-road, competition and military vehicles worldwide.
Heavy Duty Replacement Axles
Front Long Nose Axle with KAM 8mm Diff locker cover fitted for your Defender 90 / 110 /130