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Defender air filters
Green Cotton Air Filters are one of the best on the market, designed and developed from supplying premium cotton air filters to the motorsport industry. These Air filters are 100% serviceable while filtering dirt and moisture particles down to 5 microns. Higher airflow increases engine efficiency, throttle response, horsepower and torque. The experience gained has promoted Green Cotton Filters to becoming Europe’s largest cotton air filter manufacturer.
Defender Td5 EGR removal kit
Enhance the performance of your Td5 engine by replacing the restrictive EGR valve on the inlet manifold with this neat kit. The kit comes complete with a new intercooler hose fitting, gasket, bolts and EGR blanking plate & bolts
Silicone intercooler hoses
TERRAFIRMA COLOURED SILICONE INTERCOOLER HOSES TERRAFIRMA Silicone turbo and intercooler hoses Terrafirma Silicone turbo and intercooler hoses are designed to survive the high pressures and extreme temperatures found on high performance engines, as such they will perform better and last longer especially if your Land Rover diesel engine has been given enhanced performance. Terrafirma hoses are manufactured from high grade silicone polymer, thicker in construction than standard and reinforced with a high strength polyester fabric giving an operating temperature range of between -40oC to +180oC. Styling is all important; enhancing the look of your engine bay is possible by choosing from 3 bright colours including the classic bright blue, orange and lime green. All embossed with the Terrafirma logo and part numbers.
Terrafirma Exhaust Pipes
The Terrafirma range of ‘de-cat’ down pipes and silencer replacement pipes are intended to improve the performance and economy of diesel Land Rovers. Save a fortune when your catalytic converter fails by fitting a Terrafirma ‘de-cat’ down pipe and enhance the performance and economy by de restricting the exhaust system. UK MOT regulations suggest a maximum weight limit, above which a catalytic converter is not required. This permits replacement exhaust systems to be fitted. These pipes fit directly to the original system and require no modification. Remove the power restricting and vulnerable centre silencer and fit a Terrafirma free flowing silencer replacement pipe and enjoy the new throaty exhaust sound. Made from 1.5mm 409 stainless steel these pipes will considerably outlast the life of the original system.
Terrafirma Foam Filters
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